Carpenter from Obuasi wins second Devtraco/Graphic dream home

An Obuasi 34-year-old carpenter has been proclaimed the lucky winner of the second Devtraco/Graphic dream home. Maxwell Nortey appeared to be the lucky winner of the home when the draw was held on Wednesday 10th July 2019 at the Marina Mall Accra.

Last year, the management of Devtraco Limited presented the lease title documents on a two-bedroom house to Mr Fatau Alhassan, a chainsaw operator at Asamankese in the eastern region of Ghana. This year, Mr Maxwell Nortey currently won a $70,000 two-bedroom house in a joint promo called: “READ AND WIN”.

Later in an interview with the Daily Graphic, however, Mr Nortey expressed excitement over winning the house, saying it would have a great impact on his life, wife and four children. He thanked both companies, the Graphic Communications Group Ltd and Devtraco for the initiative, and asked for divine favour on their management and other staff members.

Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) and Devtraco, a leading real estate entity, with support from Vokacom, an information technology company, and Vodafone Ghana last year and this year also rewarded loyal customers with mobile phones, one thousand Ghana cedis, iPhone X, Samsung A20 and more.

Up To 10% Discount Promo

Devtraco, Ghana’s leading real estate developer is offering the public up to 10% discount on its select condos and luxury homes.

This promotion gives investors and homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a home of their own at a reduced price. For homebuyers, they get to make extra savings towards the furnishing of their home while investors would enjoy greater returns on their investment.

The homes are located in Ghana’s biggest gated estate, Devtraco Courts, Tema Community 25. It is conveniently located close to one of Ghana’s biggest investment destinations, the Free Zones Enclave. This makes it ideal for house hunters looking for a gated property to rent and thus, providing an avenue for rental income.

Devtraco Courts amenities include in-house security, a police and fire station, a kids’ playground, a restaurant, and a go-kart race center for entertainment. There is a swimming pool available for condo residents while a shopping center is conveniently located a minute’s drive away from the estate.

For more details on this promotion, kindly call +233 243 400 300 or email

This promotion runs from April till June 2019. Availability is dependent on inventory and first-come-first-served basis. Other terms and conditions apply.

New Year’s Resolutions To Buy A Home In 2019

Home purchase in Ghana is everyone’s dream. You may not have realized that goal in the previous year. Or maybe you already have one and are thinking of getting a new one in addition. Whatever the case may be, 2019 is the perfect time to begin your journey towards home ownership. Real estate developer, Devtraco, shares nine resolutions you need to make that dream a reality.

Decide between building and buying a home

Devtraco Entrance

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether to buy or to build. Managing your home construction has its benefits and disadvantages. Primarily, you have design flexibility, enabling you to opt for a design that suits your taste. One major downside though is security. Building on your own may not accord you certain amenities such as a gated community or police station, leaving you at high risk. You also lose a lot of productive time to construction supervision. Ceding your construction management to professionals would free up time for you to focus on your core area of business.

On the contrary, buying a home takes away much of the design flexibility. Most developers would have already purchased architecture designs in advance, leaving you with little room for changes. Although this may be a challenge, there are numerous benefits associated with buying a home. Security is better assured, infrastructure is well developed and the existence of amenities are just a few of the benefits.

Determine your budget goal

Devtraco budget

How much are you willing to part with for a new home? Are you looking to make a move to a new residential community? Or do you have plans to make extra income? These questions need to be answered to guide you in your home selection. If this is your first home acquisition, you would want to target a one to three-bedroom home. One-bedroom homes are ideal for single individuals while two and three-bedroom homes make an ideal choice for families.

You would also want to consider the plot and building area size, the number of rooms and the appropriate community. For instance, urban communities such as Cantonments and Ridge typically have higher price tags due to their proximity to amenities such as restaurants, shopping malls and the Kotoka International Airport. If you are looking for a more affordable option, emerging areas such as Tema Community 25 and East Legon Hills should be among your strong considerations. However, areas such as Kasoa and Amasaman are good choices for homes on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Save up for down payment

Devtraco piggy bank

This cannot be overemphasised. Like purchasing a car or any other high involvement product, home acquisition needs huge funding commitment. Thankfully, most developers offer payment plans. This would allow you to part with a fraction of the total sum, enabling you to invest your funds in other areas. For instance at Devtraco, you can make a 25 percent initial deposit towards your purchase. Typical payment plans span between six months to two years.

If that duration is too short for you, a mortgage is an excellent source for long term funding. A mortgage is a facility that entitles you to a loan for the purchase of a property. That property is then leveraged as your collateral towards your ownership. There are a number of mortgage institutions in Ghana. They include GHL Bank, Republic Bank, First National Bank and Stanbic.

Avoid new loans


If you are strongly considering buying a home, then you need to cut out the temptation of getting new loans. Home acquisition is capital intensive and it needs as much of your resources as it can get. Going for multiple loans may put a strain on your resource.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage


You may want to find out how much you qualify for a mortgage before you begin your house hunting journey. Mortgage lenders would be interested in your net income to determine your level of mortgage. For that reason, it is important to provide documentation towards your income. This could be your employment income, income generated from secondary sources or a combination of both. If you are married, you can also provide income documentation for yourself and your spouse. The advantage is that your pooled resource would qualify you for a more attractive mortgage.

Timing is also everything. A typical mortgage in Ghana can span a maximum period of 15 years. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a shorter duration. However, the shorter the duration, the higher the monthly repayment. It is advised to select the longest repayment schedule. If you are really concerned about the nagging repayment reminders, you can go ahead by selecting the longest repayment schedule while paying off the balance when you have the funds in the future.

Prioritise home needs


The excitement of finally living in your own home may get you complacent. Never lose sight of your budget goals. If it is a queen-size bed you need, don’t go in for a waterbed. If a swimming pool is going to drain your resources, postpone it. If you are going to live in the house alone, you might want to reduce the number of items to purchase. The caveat here is to ensure that you prioritise your home needs before your wants. So scrutinise your list. Strike out anything suspicious of eating away your budget. Make sure that your list includes three options of each item on your list. That way you can make a comparison and select the best items based on quality and affordability.

Browse through property choices

Devtraco properties

Once you have your budget and source of funding out of the way, you can begin your house hunting journey. The best place to begin is on the Internet. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are great places to start. They serve up a variety of properties available. When typing in your search query, make sure you use longtail keywords. For instance, avoid terms such as “houses”. Instead, type in “houses for sale in accra” or “houses for sale worth $100,000 in tema”.

Social media is also another great place to get your property search going. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn don’t only serve up written content, they typically include property photos. Social media also gives you the chance to engage with home sellers through chats and conversations. Aside social media, real estate classifieds also serve up varieties of properties for sale. Websites such as Ghana Property Finder and Meqasa have a variety of properties that may interest you.

Scrutinise home sellers


After going through your property search, you also need to make a background search on the developer or agent. Unfortunately, Ghana’s real estate industry isn’t regulated and is full of charlatans. There is a lifeline however. The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) is a highly recognised body made up of professional real estate developers. Members are only endorsed after fulfilling the Association’s requirements.  You need to also find out how long the company has being in operations, its real estate experience, awards and certifications, and the number of customers it has served. A visit to their respective website is a good place to start. Afterwards, you can get reviews from Google or social media to ascertain customers’ satisfaction. A review from family or friends is also helpful.

Schedule for property viewings

Joannita Yorke

Finally, you have the list of property developments you want to visit. Try to keep the list to a maximum of three developments. Once you are satisfied with your list, fill the contact form on their site or call their hotline to book a property viewing. Most real estate professionals are very flexible and work seven days of the week so you don’t have to worry about fixing a schedule that suits them.

Devtraco Silver Jubilee Promo

Devtraco is 25 years old. As part of its anniversary celebration, the real estate giant is rewarding clients and prospective home owners with a special promotion dubbed “Silver Jubilee Promo”.

Buyers who purchase a two or three-bedroom condominium at the East End Condos – Devtraco Courts, Tema Community 25 – will have their homes fully furnished for free. The promotion is for a limited period and available while stock lasts.

In a random survey conducted by the company, most prospective buyers said they would prefer to purchase a condo that is fully furnished. In view of this, Devtraco yielded and is set to reward buyers with items that include a living room furniture set, a dining furniture set, beds in all bedrooms, a television, a water heater and curtains. This is in addition to the already existing features of a fitted kitchen cabinet, a gas hob, a microwave oven and wardrobes in all bedrooms. Prices for the two-bedroom homes start from $68,833 while three-bedroom units start from $72,000.

This promotion is the second offer the company is making in the space of a month. The first promotion, dubbed Dream Home Promo, is an opportunity for members of the public to win two condos in a raffle draw. The move is also in line with the company’s plans of commemorating its 25th anniversary.

About Devtraco

Devtraco Limited was established in 1993 with a core mandate of providing housing in the Ghana. Over the years, the company has grown its portfolio to include commercial real estate and infrastructure development. Its success led to the establishment of its sister company, Devtrao Plus, which caters for the high end real estate market.

Devtraco has 5 developments under its belt. These include GREDA Estate, Dovehill Hill Estates at Spintex, Devtraco Villas at Community 18, Trevelli Gardens at Tema Community 25 and Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25.

Its current development, Devtraco Courts, is Ghana’s biggest gated master-planned estate with over a thousand homes. The estate has been segmented into nine residential clusters which include the East End Condos, Park Cluster, Riverdale, Crystal Court, Heritage Court, Bellavilla, Deligreen, Naa Borley Enclave and Sunset Court.

Devtraco Courts is not only known for its residential status. The community is well secured with a police and fire station, a kids’ playground, a restaurant and a go-kart racetrack. Other amenities include a soon-to-be completed swimming pool situated at the East End Condos and a clubhouse under construction.

Five Tips On Buying A Property In Ghana

A property decision is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. For many it is a question of affordability. For some, convenience is their priority. Either way, a self-analysis is needed before concluding on an acquisition type.

Ghana’s leading property developer, Devtraco, shares a few tips you will need in your house hunting journey.

Land tenure

Is the property situated on a properly titled land? Unfortunately Ghana, and Accra in particular, is bedevilled with numerous land issues and a wrong move could haunt you for life. If you are acquiring property from an individual, you should request for land title documents to verify its authenticity. Next, head over to the Lands Commission to confirm its ownership. Typically, long serving real estate companies are safer to deal with since they assume all the associated risks.


Your safety should be at the top of your priority list when making a property search. These days, Google and social media serve as powerful tools for information search. Check for records of criminal activity before doling out your money to a property owner. Alternatively you can ask friends, colleagues or family for help. It’s more reassuring when the property is within a guarded, gated estate. However if an estate isn’t your choice, make sure the neighborhood has a police station nearby or police patrolling the environs.


You need to find out if the property you are interested in is close to amenities such as restaurants, shops or convenient stores. Some house hunters tend to overlook this and take long term actions they later live to regret. If you are a family person with kids, you need to go the extra mile to check whether schools of your preference are found within the area. Let’s not forget that arriving at your workplace on time is equally important.


Once your preferred location has been identified, It is very important to remain within budget. Greater Accra’s diversification means areas differ in terms of pricing. You can expect prices ranging from $50,000 (GHS225,000) to as high as millions of dollars. At this point you need to make key decisions. Is space more important to you than proximity? Or are you looking to move into a particular neighborhood to enjoy its facilities? If proximity to neighborhood facilities is highly important while on a relatively low budget, you need to consider smaller properties such as an apartment.

Building quality

It cannot be overemphasized how important this is. Choosing a developer for your home is like choosing a life partner. Make sure to carry your checks on each property developer you are considering. Check for indicators such as longevity in the market, number of properties sold and reviews from friends and the Internet.

Super Save Promo Launched – Get Up To 10% Discount

Devtraco has launched its latest promotion titled “Super Save Promo”.

The promotion seeks to reward buyers with attractive discounts of up to ten percent. The homes include a range of two and three-bedroom bungalows, apartments and a condo.

Recognizing the shortfall in Ghana’s housing stock, Devtraco developed a master-planned community, Devtraco Courts, envisioned to be one of Ghana’s most sought after residences. The gated estate is located at Tema Community 25 and is approximately a ten-minute driving distance from the Tema Motorway Roundabout. The multipurpose community includes over a thousand homes, a police and fire station, kids’ playground, restaurant, cafeteria and a go-kart racetrack. Provisions have also been made for other social and commercial amenities to meet the growing demands of the average Ghanaian and the world at large.

Devtraco Courts is not only renowned for its beautiful estate, it also boasts of a serene environment, security, and a warm and friendly community.

A number of requests have been placed on Devtraco for ready-built homes. In response to these requests, Devtraco has embarked on a special promotion to enable the public enjoy discounts of up to ten percent on our inventory homes. In addition, patrons of such homes would have their standard Estate Management fee free for one year.

This promotion has been extended to the 31st of October 2017 and available while stock lasts. Terms and conditions apply.

Devtraco Returns With ‘Fully Furnished Condos’


Ghana’s leading real estate developer last month rewarded over 50 buyers by fully furnishing their newly purchased condominium (condo) units. After the successful promotion and a call by many to resume it, Devtraco has heeded.

In order to qualify for this free and amazing give-away, house hunters are encouraged to buy a one, two or three-bedroom condo unit today. This entitles you to home products such as sofas, beds, television sets, fridges, curtains and curtain rods. For those buying two or three bedroom units, you get a dining area set in addition. Furthermore, Devtraco’s condo units come with standard features such as wardrobes, fitted kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen appliances and more.

Ultimately, these condos are an excellent source of wealth generation. With a 10 percent average rental yield, 20 percent average capital appreciation and a hundred percent return on investment (ROI) within three to four years, you are guaranteed a worthwhile investment. Prices start from US$36,200.

Our condos are located at Devtraco Courts, Tema Community 25. Call now on +233 243 400 300 or fill our enquiry form to get in touch with one of our sales executives. This is a limited offer and will expire after the 21st of September 2016. All prices are VAT exclusive. Terms and conditions apply.

Devtraco… Your ultimate dream brought home to reality

Buy A Condo, Get It Fully Furnished

Devtraco Limited is rewarding buyers of our condominiums (condos) with amazing giveaways in the “Big Reward Promo” this August.

Buy a one, two or three-bedroom condo unit today and get it fully furnished absolutely free! Enjoy rewards such as sofas, beds, television sets, fridges, curtains and curtain rods. This is in addition to the standard features of wardrobes, fitted kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen appliances and more.

Moreover, your investment secures you a 10 percent average rental yield, 20 percent average capital appreciation and a hundred percent return on investment (ROI) within three to four years. Prices start from a little over $36,000.

Our condos are located at Devtraco Courts, Community 25, Tema. Call now on +233 2400 300 or fill our enquiry form to get in touch with one of our sales executives. This is a limited offer and will expire after the 31st of August 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

Devtraco…Your ultimate dream brought home to reality.

Devtraco Attains Superbrand Status

Devtraco Limited has been awarded Superbrand status in the very first Superbrands Awards in Ghana since the program was established internationally. Devtraco is the only Ghanaian real estate developer in this prestigious group of brands.

Established in 1994, Superbrands is the world’s leading arbiter of branding. It identifies, recognises and pays tribute to the great brands in the world. The organisation has for the past 17 years worked with over 12,000 big brands globally.

Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only. It provides an extensive brand promotional platform and is today established in more than 88 countries around the world. The aim of the Superbrands organisation is to raise the awareness of and promote the discipline of branding, as well as to celebrate the success of leading international and local brands. Eligible brands are identified by an independent consumer survey and by an expert panel of marketing, advertising and branding professionals. Superbrands programmes have proven to be outstanding success throughout the world. Comprehensive distribution and public relations programmes have built significant business and consumer audiences for all of the participating brands.

Devtraco gets nominated for top awards

Devtraco has yet again been shortlisted for prestigious award categories of the Ghana Property Awards.

This year, Ghana’s leading estate developer, current- and record-holder of the ‘Residential Developer of the Year‘ award has been shortlisted in the ‘Property Walk of Fame‘ and ‘Property Company of the Year’ categories.

We are always happy when we see our efforts being recognized and we owe it all to you.

Devtraco Plus: we are now Resourceful, big and Brave Enough to Move on to the big Time

After 19 great years in the housing industry, Devtraco is proud to complete the cycle of providing exciting housing opportunities for all segments of the market.

Having worked hard to lead the market in the middle-income category through Devtraco Courts; and after introducing the incredible Trevelli Gardens, Devtraco has now moved on to the very top executive, high-end market with Devtraco Plus.

Devtraco Plus offers a very limited number of luxury apartments with all the perks that come with that environment.

Call 233 30 2 810275-7 now to reserve a Devtraco Plus home.

Devtraco Managing Director Wins Prestigious Award

Forty (40) prominent Ghanaian entrepreneurs have been honoured at an impressive ceremony to commemorate this year’s World Entrepreneurship Day.

The Ghana Entrepreneurship Awards was aimed at identifying, recognising and honouring Ghanaian Entrepreneurs who have exhibited superior performance that has helped them emerge out of poverty, create jobs and add value to society. In addition, it was to support the development of new enterprises and the creation of role models who could inspire and mentor future generations of entrepreneurs.

Mr. Seth Adu, Chairman and Managing Director of Devtraco Limited, was adjudged Best Entrepreneur, Property Construction.

The event was organised by the Entrepreneur Foundation of Ghana (EFG), a non-profit organisation striving to foster entrepreneurship in Ghana through mentoring, networking and education, in collaboration with the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Board, Management and Staff of Devtraco Limited are proud to be associated with Mr. Seth Adu and wish him all the best as he charts even greater courses in the future.

Enhancing National Productivity by Creating Better and Less Stressful Lives Through Mixed-use Communities: Devtraco Shows the Way

Mixed-use developments are designed to encourage a variety of community activities and services to co-exist in close proximity, in the process reducing such things as the need for extensive automobile travel, usually in thick traffic jams, resulting ultimately in much-reduced stress levels for individuals. When people move into a mixed-use development, their new homes, workplaces, and shopping centres are often conveniently located within walking distance of each other. This strategic layout allows new residents to commute to and from work or complete their “to-do” list without driving their cars, or driving very short distances without traffic jams. So the time they once needed to fight traffic may suddenly become available for other activities. They find new free time and a trendy new neighbourhood that influences their behaviour and productivity. They tend to walk more and generally live a healthier life. Such developments offer residents more of a sense of community and opportunities to socialize with their neighbours than a more isolated suburban lifestyle.

Mixed-use residents find that these developments: Spur revitalization, enhance an area’s unique identity and development potential, promote pedestrian & bicycle travel – leading to healthier lives, reduce auto dependency, roadway congestion, and air pollution by co-locating multiple destinations, promote a sense of community, promote a sense of place, encourages economic investment, promote efficient use of land and infrastructure, guide development toward established areas, protecting outlying rural areas and environmentally sensitive resources – amongst many others. Mixing uses, however, works best when it grows out of a thoughtful plan that emphasizes the connectivity and links among the uses.

This is the plan of the current DEVTRACO COURTS development, the CITY OF HOPE, located at Tema Community 25, 10 minutes drive from the Tema Motorway roundabout.

Essentially, all of us as staff of Devtraco should ensure that all our efforts are geared towards the all-important first objective of the company; that of creating communities as opposed to just building properties. Building the right infrastructure as well as ensuring the provision of communal facilities should therefore be a critical part of our thinking as a company. The only thing that’s more important is of course, Customer Care!

– Joseph Seth Aidoo Jnr, Executive Director, DEVTRACO LIMITED

This project will house an estimated 1,000 families over the next five years and is being developed over an acquired land area of 205 acres. It will include 13 clusters of residential areas as well as many social amenities. These clusters, 3 of which have already been completed and are being occupied, are gated communities within the larger gated community of Devtraco Courts. As the first EVER Master Planned community of its kind in Ghana, the City of Hope will have, in addition to the clustered homes, A POLICE STATION, A SCHOOL, A CLUB HOUSE, A RECREATIONAL AREA WITH A SWIMMING POOL, A SHOPPING MALL amongst others. This unique offer affords our clientele who run retail businesses the opportunity of LIVING, WORKING, SHOPPING, EDUCATING THEIR CHILDREN, HAVING ACCESS TO POLICE OFFICERS etc all within their immediate community; thus eliminating much of the inconvenience associated with trekking from home to town for basic amenities including traffic queues and jams.

With over 18 years of tried and tested expertise, largely using inputs from our own panelling, roofing and concrete product units, DEVTRACO Limited is the first and currently the only Ghanaian real estate developer to receive the CNBC International Residential Property Award, UK-Africa Region. Devtraco is also the first and only real estate developer in Ghana to have attained Superbrand status. Devtraco is the reigning best residential developer from the Ghana Property Awards. We have also won many other awards of repute.

  • Winner, International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ), Geneva 2008
  • Preeminent Developer of the Year, Ghana Property Awards 2007
  • Property Entrepreneur of the Year, Ghana Property Awards 2007
  • Silver Award, 2nd Ghana Business and Financial Services Excellence Awards 2009
  • Recognition Award, Ghana Property Awards 2007
  • We invite you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be part of a community that promotes a healthier, much less-stressful, and productivity-enhancing life.
  • Exclusive, award-winning living! Welcome to Devtraco Living!

Crystal Court Batch Handed Over

Crystal Court, the 3rd in the series of clusters of Devtraco Courts has been completed and handed over to the over 100 home owners in this cluster.

Heritage Court Nears Completion

The 4th cluster of Devtraco Courts, Heritage Court, is at the roofing level. Batches of homes will be completed and handed over between the period of August 2012 and January 2013.

Construction of Much-awaited Communal Facilities set to Begin

Most of the major preparatory work on the much anticipated communal facilities of Devtraco Courts have been completed with work set to begin in October 2012.

Devtraco’s communal facilities will include A POLICE STATION, A SCHOOL, A CLUB HOUSE, A RECREATIONAL AREA WITH A SWIMMING POOL, A SHOPPING MALL, A CHURCH AUDITORIUM amongst others. This unique offer affords our clientele who run retail businesses the opportunity of LIVING, WORKING, SHOPPING, EDUCATING THEIR CHILDREN, HAVING ACCESS TO POLICE OFFICERS etc all within their immediate community; thus eliminating much of the inconvenience associated with trekking from home to town for basic amenities including traffic queues and jams.

We will keep you posted on developments as they happen.