Posted: December 8 2016

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Devtraco Managing Director Wins Prestigious Award

Forty (40) prominent Ghanaian entrepreneurs have been honoured at an impressive ceremony to commemorate this year’s World Entrepreneurship Day.

The Ghana Entrepreneurship Awards was aimed at identifying, recognising and honouring Ghanaian Entrepreneurs who have exhibited superior performance that has helped them emerge out of poverty, create jobs and add value to society. In addition, it was to support the development of new enterprises and the creation of role models who could inspire and mentor future generations of entrepreneurs.

Mr. Seth Adu, Chairman and Managing Director of Devtraco Limited, was adjudged Best Entrepreneur, Property Construction.

The event was organised by the Entrepreneur Foundation of Ghana (EFG), a non-profit organisation striving to foster entrepreneurship in Ghana through mentoring, networking and education, in collaboration with the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Board, Management and Staff of Devtraco Limited are proud to be associated with Mr. Seth Adu and wish him all the best as he charts even greater courses in the future.

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