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The Rebranded Legacy Court

Legacy Court is our rebranded 2 bedroom apartment. A 375-unit gated community, nestled within the larger Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25. Join the Devtraco family and own a 2 bedroom apartment.

It is an exclusive, well-designed development by an experienced, multiple award-winning estates developer that has a clear delivery and cost advantage.

Each unit is carefully crafted with a kitchen cabinet. Sign up now and one of our top sales agents will call you as soon as possible. Take advantage of this awesome promo and get yourself a Devtraco property now.

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Legacy Court FAQs

We have tackled some of the frequently asked questions about the Rebranded Legacy Court.

Why the sudden price reduction?

Due to the advent of COVID – 19, the global economy is experiencing a recession hence the need to reduce prices to offer clients the opportunity to own dream homes in Devtraco Courts.

What is the payment plan for the condos?

We have flexible, available plans up to 3, 6, 9, 12, and up to 24months.

Also, we have an agreement with Ecobank where you can pay up to 15 years, with the best rate on the market (9% or 10% in USD/GBP or 20% in Cedis)

When will the condos be ready to move in if I buy now?

Between 12 – 18 months for uncompleted blocks and 1- 2 months for completed blocks.

Is there estate management service at the estate and how much does one pay for the services?

Yes, there are estate management services that are currently charged at ghs200.00. This can be paid on a monthly quarterly, and annual basis.

Why should I buy the condo?

The condo is ideal for:

  • Ideal for young couples
  • Individuals who want to start investing in real estate
  • Legacy for children
  • Safest investment to prevent future potential crises, like pandemics and others.
  • Improve self-esteem, as well as share the image of a successful life in the society

Is the Legacy Court good for Investment

The Legacy Court offers you the opportunity to acquire an investment. Thus:

  • Residual risk on investment
  • 7% rental yield PA(annual rent in USD / $ 55,000 = a yield of 6.5% ~7%)

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