Serviced Plots for sale at Devtraco Courts


Join over 1500 Devtraco homes in a secured gated community. Devtraco is offering a limited number of serviced plots. Average plot sizes are 100 x 70. This is an opportunity for anyone looking to purchase land inside the Devtraco community. Just fill the form on this page and get all information to make your decision.


devtraco plan


The above plots are linked to the Plot No with their related details.
#Plot NoPlotsAppro. Plot Size (ft)Area (Ft sq)Area (m sq)Standard Plot Area
11AServiced plot104×424310400650
21Serviced plot103×717079658650
32Serviced plot104×697219671650
43Serviced plot103×697211670650
54Serviced plot103×707210670650
65Serviced plot122×698453785650
76Serviced plot128×637946738650
87Serviced plot108×707590705650
98Serviced plot108×697545701650
109Serviced plot109×697569703650
1110Serviced plot108×717657711650
1211Serviced plot105×707066656650
1312Serviced plot105×707348683650
1413Serviced plot105×707348683650
1514Serviced plot104×707280676650
1615Serviced plot145×638853822650
1716Serviced plotirregular5206434650
1817Serviced plotirregular7241673650
1918Serviced plot100×707000650650
2019Serviced plot100×707000650650
2120Serviced plotirregular8446785650

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