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  • East End Condos

    Starting from $68,833, the East End Condos are perfect for young executives, married couples and investors looking for additional income. These exclusive, well-designed condos are nestled within the larger Devtraco Courts master-planned community at Tema Community 25.

    They come partially furnished with a fitted kitchen, a heat extractor, microwave oven and wardrobes in all bedrooms. Characteristic of all Devtraco developments, provisions have been made for backup water and dedicated 24-hour security.


    60c789ae-df00-4195-9b84-39fcb3ba2ca1.png  2 Bedrooms  d9e994e4-fe15-40b2-a3d9-9bbdbdecd0eb.png 2  Bathrooms
    05173f45-e5fe-41c7-834a-575012d51a81.pngTema Community 25

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  • Sunset Court

    Sunset Court is a cluster of 3-bedroom bungalows located within the Devtraco Courts estate. Starting from $120,000, these detached and semi-detached homes are tailored for young executives, middle-age workers and pensioners looking for competitively priced homes with exceptional quality. 

    Each unit packs standard features in a Devtraco home such as wardrobes in all bedrooms, fitted kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen appliances, external security doors and much more.


    60c789ae-df00-4195-9b84-39fcb3ba2ca1.png  3 Bedrooms  d9e994e4-fe15-40b2-a3d9-9bbdbdecd0eb.png 3  Bathrooms
    05173f45-e5fe-41c7-834a-575012d51a81.pngTema Community 25

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  • Naa Borley Enclave Luxury Homes

    With the homes within Naa Borley Enclave, luxury is in each detail. Located near the heart of the city, Naa Borley Enclave is perfectly positioned to afford you the convenience of being close to everywhere you want to be, but far enough to not be bothered by the city’s chaos. At Naa Borley get the best of both worlds with easy access to Accra and Tema. 

    The two-storey 4-bedroom homes within Naa Borley Enclave exude luxury, royalty, and confidence. Here, you will enjoy the vibes of an exclusive cluster of high-end homes to match your burgeoning status. This mid-century inspired luxury home is brand new, and located near the heart of the city. It has five different house types available. It is one of the perfect spots to hide out in the city, thanks to its beautiful views.

    Starting from $245,000, Naa Borley Enclave will leave a regal impression on you and all families.


    60c789ae-df00-4195-9b84-39fcb3ba2ca1.png  4 Bedrooms  d9e994e4-fe15-40b2-a3d9-9bbdbdecd0eb.png 4  Bathrooms
    05173f45-e5fe-41c7-834a-575012d51a81.pngTema Community 25

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