Projects: Rent

As one of Ghana’s leading real estate companies, Devtraco has gone beyond the provision of homes for sale to satisfying house hunters’ rental needs.

Located approximately 10 minutes away from the Tema Motorway Roundabout, Devtraco Courts is the ideal community to live in. We have a number of properties available for rent starting at affordable prices. These range between $275 and $800, depending on the house type and features. Prices for our East End Condos are the cheapest and includes features such as backup power generators that may be absent with other house types.

The presence of a police station coupled with security guards at the main entrance is a testament to our belief in ensuring the safety of our residents. The estate also includes great hangout spots such as a cafeteria, a restaurant, a GoKart raceway, and a kids’ playground. Other amenities within an earshot of Devtraco Courts include a shopping arcade, basic schools, Central University College, banks, ATM dispensing machines, and a filling station.