11 Ways To Know If Someone Likes Your House?

man and a woman viewing a house

11 Ways To Know If Someone Likes Your House?

When you put up your house for sale, you hope that a lot of people will come and see it. It would have been so helpful to be a mind reader and know which of those people like the house so you can somewhat concentrate on subtly coercing them into buying it.

Unfortunately, without this superpower, you cannot know which of the prospective buyers like the house or otherwise. However, certain signs and happenings point to the fact that a particular potential buyer likes your house.

1. Getting An Offer When Your House Is Not On Sale

Oftentimes, people get calls from neighbors and other sources asking if they are interested in selling their house property because they also want to own a house like theirs in the community. This house is not even on sale, to begin with, though maybe they have plans of selling it in the nearest future.

So, if you get an offer on your house even when it is not on the seller’s market, that person certainly likes the house.  

2. Facial Expression

The faces of most people light up when they see something or someone that they like. So, just by looking at the face of a potential buyer, you may be able to tell if they like the house or not. If someone likes your house, he or she may have an admiring facial expression as they look at the space. Sometimes too, a prospective buyer may not be beaming but their face may be relaxed while they walk through the space.

3. Body Language

I know that after reading the previous point, someone may ask, “What if the person’s face shows no emotions?” That is a valid question. To this, the answer will be to observe their body language. 

Let me create a scenario where two people are viewing the house and they may not want to portray how excited they are about the space. If you see one of them nudging the other to draw their attention to certain details of the house, it is mostly because they like it. Moreover, if someone looks relaxed in the space, they most likely like the house.

4. Imagining Moving In

If someone is looking at your house and they keep talking about where they can put certain fixtures they have, how they can divide some spaces, and whose room is which one, they certainly like it. In their head, they have already moved in and are living in the space. At this point, the deal is pretty much sealed as you may not have to do any more convincing.

5. Asking To Look At It Again

It is said that “If it’s nice, play it twice”. In this case, “If it’s nice, see it twice”. Indeed, if someone likes your house, they will ask to see it again. During the next viewing, they may bring along another friend or relative. Bringing someone else most likely means they want approval of their decision to buy the house.

6. Asking A Lot of Questions

Generally, asking a lot of questions about a subject matter means you are curious to know more about it. So, if someone is looking at your house and keeps asking tons of questions, they certainly like it. Their mental being has already moved in so they want to be sure they have made the right decision.

7. Concentrating On A Particular Space In The House

Let’s assume my favorite place in any house is the kitchen. If I am looking to buy a house, anytime I go for a viewing, I will be more concerned about the kitchen than any other room in the house. Naturally, I will be fixated on the kitchens of those houses as I want to make sure whichever one I choose is one I will love using. 

So, this is another way you can know if someone likes your house. If they do, they will most likely be fixated on a particular space in the house that they like. 

8. Using The House As A Common Denominator

If someone likes your house, they will keep comparing it with others they have seen, especially in a positive light. They may or may not do this to your hearing but once they keep comparing the spaces or features of your house to two or more houses they have seen, they like yours.

Even if there is a space in your house that you did not think was a very strong selling point, the prospective buyer may start to bring out all the positives in that space.  

9. Wanting To Look Around More

If someone likes your house, be sure they will not want to leave quickly. They will want to look around more, taking in more details of the house. They will be imagining how living in the space will feel like. So, if you realize a potential buyer has been looking around the house for what seems like forever, then they like your house.

10. Not Caring About Budget

Before I begin to explain, let me just say that everyone has a budget if they are looking to buy a house. If they find something within the budget, that would be awesome. If they fall in love with something that is above their budget, depending on how they feel about the house and if they can, they will be willing to add up some money to get it.

Indeed, you will know if someone likes your house if they sometimes are not concerned about how much it costs or how much more they will spend to get it.

11. Emotional Connection

Do you know that feeling of “just knowing” that something is meant for you? Most people relate that when they found their house, they just knew. While some described that they got goosebumps, others said they got chills when they got the house they liked.

Therefore, if someone likes your house, they may have that emotional connection with the house. Just by looking at them, you can tell they have that feeling. If you are fortunate enough, they will tell you. Otherwise, they will tell your real estate agent if you have one.