Gated Communities In Ghana And Its Benefits

Devtraco gated community

Gated Communities In Ghana And Its Benefits

Gated communities are becoming popular in Ghana with the growing number of private real estate developers, especially in the Greater Accra Region. A gated community is a type of residential community that is enclosed with walls or fences and guarded. This form of residential community is best known for its organised layout and rules, quiet life with access to all the modern amenities.

Usually, when we hear of gated communities, we associate them with affluence and wealth and status, but there are wide varieties of gated communities in Ghana which offer moderate pricing and tangible benefits.

Benefits Of Living In A Gated Community

Residing in a gated community brings you some benefits some of which include

1. Safety and security is not an issue: 

In general, most people feel a sense of extra protection and wellbeing from living in a gated community. There are many benefits of living in a gated community but security and safety is perhaps the most obvious reason. compared to non-gated communities or standalone houses where crimes like home invasion and burglary are a concern, gated communities offer controlled entry and well-guarded surroundings. These communities offer fixed entry and exit points with CCTV cameras, surveillance and so on, reducing greatly the risk of intruders trolling the neighbourhood.

2. Sense of community and association

Gated communities elicit a sense of community among residents. These communities have controlled communal amenities creating avenues for residents to interact with each other and building a sense of familiarity and trust among themselves. Some of these communities also organize occasional events and parties for residents to gather and enjoy. In general, there is a sort of unspoken understanding between residents. The sense of community also gives an extra layer of security to residents because everyone is each other’s keeper.

3. Greater levels of privacy

Peace is a huge benefit to living in a gated community. You can go about your daily life with minimal interruptions from the outside world. The community restricts outsiders and trespassers from entering, giving your exclusive privacy in your own space. It is ideal for utmost privacy that is one of the reasons many influential and high profile people prefer living in gated communities. 

4. Property Value is more.

The cost of properties in gated communities indeed tends to be higher than those in non-gated communities. While this is not the case for all gated communities, it is mitigated by better property values even during periods of market fluctuations. The value is even greater when it is from a trusted developer like Devtraco Limited. If you decide to sell your property in a gated community or rent it out, you can get more from it as compared to non-gated communities. Owning a property in a gated community is simply a good investment.

5. Integrated Lifestyle

part of the benefit of living in a gated community is the well-integrated lifestyle it comes with is such as shared amenities. Most gated communities come with facilities like a gym, swimming pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts and others. These facilities can be enjoyed by residents freely which they would otherwise cost a lot of money to access. Many of these gated communities also emphasize healthy living hence developing eco-friendly green communities and energy-efficient home designs. Overall, residents in gated communities get to enjoy the quality of life.

6. Safe Place For Children

For families with kids, one of the advantages of living in a gated community is their kid’s safety. The safety, security and sense of community within the gated community are very good for children as they explore and play outdoors and you wouldn’t need to worry about kids bumping into strangers. With the community not open to traffic and fast-moving vehicles, kids are protected from traffic accidents within the community. As a parent, you have a sense of peace and comfortability knowing your child is safe at home.

List Of Some Gated Communities In Ghana

There are several gated communities in Accra, Ghana. Let’s take a quick glimpse behind those gates and explore the top 8 gated communities in Accra.

Trassaco Valley

Located in the prestigious area of East Legon and off the Accra-Tema Motorway is the Trassaco Valley, a luxurious gated community and one of the richest neighbourhoods in Accra Ghana. With the estate sited over an acquired land area of 600 acres, the community boasts of restaurants, shops, educational and health facilities, recreational facilities such as a tennis court and golf course and parks. The community is well known for housing wealthy people and some of Ghana’s famous personalities. With its uniquely designed high-quality buildings, general landscape design and security, the community retains an air of serenity, safety and comfort.

Trassaco Valley
Source: Trassaco Group

Devtraco Courts

The Devtraco Courts is known to be one of the biggest residential communities in Ghana. Located at Tema Community 25, this massive community is developed over a land area of 205 acres and has over 1300 units already developed. The Devtraco Courts is made up of different home clusters consisting of two and three-bedroom detached and semi-detached houses, two-bedroom condominium-type apartments and luxurious four and five-bedroom houses. Home clusters within the Devtraco Courts include:

  • Park Cluster: This is the first development in the Devtraco Courts with 132 homes built. It is a well-constructed cluster with beautiful greenery providing homeowners with a welcoming and natural atmosphere that give peace of mind. The cluster is gated within the larger Devtraco Courts community providing double security.
  • Riverdale Cluster: This is the second home cluster development in the Devtraco Courts Community with 118 home units. Popularly referred to as the blue community because of its eye-catching blue externals, it is also gated within the larger community.
  • Crystal Court: This is the third in the series of the Court and development of 93 home units Heritage Court: Featuring mid-to-high executive homes is the Heritage Courts development of 112 home units. The homes are bordered by a security post to enhance the already present security within the community.
  • Bellavilla: With about 200 homes, Bellavila suspends its cluster concept and builds an open community that gives more avenues for interaction with neighbours. This cluster is close to the commercial and recreational areas of the community.
  • Deligreen: Deligreen has 207 homes with an open-plan communal neighbourhood that looks like Bellavilla. It is very secure and open to easy interactions among neighbours.
  • Horizon: Horizon is part of the trinity communities including Bellavilla and Deligreen. These three clusters are intertwined and separated by streets. It is the penultimate bungalow project developed by Devtraco.
  • Legacy Court: This is a 375 gated community within the larger Devtraco Courts. It is made up of two-bedroom apartments each furnished with a kitchen cabinet, microwave oven, heat extractor, and wardrobes in bedrooms. 
  • Sunset Court: A cluster of 3 bedroom bungalows with each unit fitted with wardrobes in all bedrooms, kitchen cabinets and appliances, external security doors among others.
  • Naa Borley Enclave: Naa Borley is a two-storey, 4-bedroom en-suite house with a 1-bedroom outer house. It is a cluster of mid-century inspired high-end homes within the community.

In addition to the clustered homes, Devtraco Courts have great amenities to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. The amenities comprise a recreational area, kid’s playground, police station, fire station, Go-kart racetrack, clubhouse, swimming pool among others. The community also offers estate management services to make your Devtraco Living a stress-free and enjoyable one.

Devtraco courts gate

Eden Heights

Eden Heights is a gated development with over 1,200 homes located in West Accra, Ghana. It is developed by Westhills Ridge Limited as a contribution to helping reduce Ghana’s housing deficit. The properties in the community come in one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses with the flexibility of customizing the property to suit individual demands. It is about 30 minutes drive from the Airport and about 5 minutes away from the West Hills Mall. Its carefully designed buildings and serene environment offer residents luxury and comfort with access to magnificent amenities such as community centres, shopping centres, world-class sports complex, facility management, conference facilities, reliable fast Wi-Fi, dedicated utility supply, fully equipped fitness centres and many others.

Eden Heights
Source: Eden Height

Appolonia City

Appolonia City is a massive development by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest new city builder with over 30,000 acres of projects lined up in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a 2,325 acres project comprising residential, commercial, retail and light industrial developments and is located 20km east of Accra between Oyibin and Afienya townships. The project is about 5 minutes drive from Valley View University, 15 minutes drive from Adenta and 20 minutes drive from Madina. Upon its completion, this massive development is projected to have about 25,000 housing units with 100,000 residents, A 200-acre industrial park, a 120-acre central business district and over 300 acres of public parks and gardens. Properties in Appolinia city are available as residential lands to build your dream home, residential homes for middle-income urban dwellers, industrial park to grow your business, and non-residential plots for commercial purposes like building shopping centres, social and religious centres. 

Appolonia City
Source: Appolonia City


Using modern technology to churn out modular architectural designs, IndogoHomes provides a standard in quality for homes. It is located at Ayi Mensah Park, just three minutes drive from Adenta and about twenty-one minutes drive from Accra Mall. IndigoHomes is the residential real estate division of Blackivy, a US company that builds and grows businesses in Sub Saharan Africa. The community assures residents security with its private security guar, electronic fencing, guard tour tracing and CCTV system. As a vibrant community, residents enjoy a beautiful and healthy lifestyle as they have access to a green park with gardens, tree-lined sidewalks, sports court, swimming pool, children’s playground, hiking trails in the nearby Aburi Mountains and other amenities. The residential units come with an open floor plan, indoor and outdoor kitchen, fitted-out bedrooms and bathrooms and a relaxing front porch to give you a rich living experience.

Indigo Homes
Source: Indigo Homes


Rehoboth properties is a wholly-owned Ghanaian real estate company undertaking massive developments in different parts of Accra to middle income and high-income earners. With the promise of delivering quality affordable housing for all, Rehoboth has introduced different gated communities in the Greater Accra Region. Among some of their gated communities are: 

  • Rehoboth Courts: A gated community of over 180 homes located at Oyibi.
  • Rehoboth Gardens: Located at Malejor is this gated community with several beautiful housing units offering comfort and style.
  • Rehoboth Knightsbridge: This is an affordable luxury gated community located in Kwabenya with the vision to change the affordable housing field, taking it to a whole new level.
  • Rehoboth Hills: A gated community in Oyarifa towards the Aburi township. About a 25-minute drive from Kotoka International Airport.
Source: Rehoboth

Regimanuel Gray Estate

Regimanuel is a company well known for its timely construction and high-quality building at prime locations in Accra. The company has contributed to about 4000 housing units in Ghana since it started operating with its properties located in different gated communities in  Accra. The company’s gated communities promise superior design, post-expansion possibilities, attractive units with ambience, beautiful landscaping, great security services and other amenities. Some of their gated communities are:

  • Adom Gate: Located in Katamanso, 10 minutes drive from the Adenta barrier is this gated community made up of two and three-bedroom detached and semi-detached houses with beautiful landscaping. The community was designed for individuals and families desiring quality and security.
  • Baloon Gate: This is a development of elegant two-bedroom apartments in Kwabenya.  The bedrooms are en-suite with air conditions installed in all living areas. This gated community promises guard gate and security and a serene environment for its residents.
  • Eagles Place: The masterpiece gated community prides itself in its lavishly designed units designed with a blend of modern technology with refined rooms and timeless elegance. It is located in Sakumono and provides residents with a fully serviced gated community experience and amenities like 24-hour security, fully backed up water suppl, sports court, swimming pool, bar and others.
  • Meridian Gardens: This is a fully serviced gated community located at Klagon, near Tema community 19. Developed over 85 acres of land, this gated community boasts contemporary finishes and a wide range of amenities including a security gatehouse, intercom, centralised LPG supply, backup electricity and other amenities. Homeowners are assured of a convenient lifestyle.
Regimanuel Grey
Source: Regimanuel

Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate is one of the top real estate companies in Ghana contributing to the provision of quality affordable housing in a well designed and planned neighbourhood in Ghana. Their estates are being developed between Madina and Adenta offering houses and apartments ranging from two bedrooms to five bedrooms. Their gated community offers high-tech security, its own bore-hole portable water supply system, shopping and fitness centre entertainment facilities like a recreational park and many more.

Lakeside Estate
Source: Lakeside Estate

If increased security, quiet life equipped with access to modern facilities are something you are desiring in your new neighbourhood, then you might consider getting a home in a gated community. Contact Devtraco Limited and get a property in our gated community. Call us on +233 (0) 24 340 0300.