How To Choose The Best Gated Community To Live In Ghana

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How To Choose The Best Gated Community To Live In Ghana

A gated community is a great option for individuals and families who wish to live in a place full of privacy, security, a sense of community and luxury. The reason for choosing to live in a gated community varies from person to person including integrated lifestyle, top security for kids, stable and increasing property value and variety of social activities. When you look at Devtraco Courts amenities as a good example of what’s on offer in a gated community, you will understand why many home buyers consider this style of living.

Gated communities ranges in size and facilities. There are massive master-planned communities with different housing types coupled while others are smaller in size. The same applies to the facilities in these communities. It differs from one gated community to another so it is better to check all your boxes when deciding on which gated community to live in. Consider these tips when deciding on the best gated community that manages to meet your needs and priorities.

Consider The Location

Gated communities in Ghana are becoming very popular and this is good news for homebuyers who are interested in buying properties in one of these communities. This is because you have more choice now when deciding where to live. With the increase in many of these gated communities in Ghana, especially the Greater Accra Region, finding the right one for you and your family can be tricky. 

It must be noted that where you desire to live in most cases will have a significant bearing on the price range of the properties. Most often if the location of the community is in a prime district, the property prices tend to be higher than other locations. It is also the same for gated communities that are closer to the city centre. There are other gated communities that are not located in prime areas but attract have a strong community sense and a host of luxury amenities than those located in prime areas. Your choice of a gated community is largely dependent on what you desire in a given location.

Living in Devtraco Courts for example gives you easy access to the main road for easy commuting to the city centre, workplace, school and other places of interest.

Physical Features Of The Gated Community

After considering the location, one of the reasons why individuals prefer to live in a gated community is the physical features that are present in a gated community. Compared to non-gated communities, gated communities are well planned, with excellent infrastructure and design to keep residents comfortable and happy. Some of these physical features include:

  • Resident types
  • Security features
  • The layout of the community
  • Facilities and amenities
  • Size of the community

Knowing what a particular gated community comes with is important because although gated communities have some standard features, they also differ from one community to the other.

Safety And Peace Of Mind

A major priority for homebuyers is to be able to enjoy the peace and feel secure in their own home. This is largely one of the major attractions of a gated community. Residents in a gated community expect to get utmost security, both human and electronic. Most gated communities come with security personnel at the gates, security patrol within the community and surveillance systems to keep security and safety high. 

Security measures vary from one community to another so when deciding on a gated community for yourself and the family, find out more about the security level. 

The security in Devtraco Courts for example is one of a kind. It is a secure gated community with security personnel at the gates day and night. There is also an added layer of security as each cluster of homes is also gated. In effect, you have a gated community within the bigger gated community. Houses are also walled giving you added security in your home. In addition, Devtraco Courts provide in house police and fire station to residents. With a gated community like Devtraco Courts, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you and your family are safe. Your children can play outside without you worrying so much about their safety. A key to independent living is finding a community where you don’t have to sacrifice your comforts.

Sense Of Community

When deciding to settle in a gated community, you might probably want to ask about the lifestyle and social interactions of its residents. You will want to know what the neighbours are like and how they relate to each other. Gated communities are in a way largely defined by the way associations between the community and its residents are preserved. Buying into a community where there is a good sense of community and neighbours are looking out for each other is a primary reason people opt for a gated community lifestyle. Most likely, you will be living next to families and people who share the same ideas as you do, which is the reason they also chose to live there.

Facilities And Amenities

Each gated community has its facilities and amenities. Besides community security and maintenance which may cut across, gated communities boast of recreational centres, kids playground, swimming pool, clubhouse, restaurants, beautiful gardens and relaxation spaces, sports facilities, gym, business centres, movie theatres and many others. As indicated earlier, all gated communities differ in terms of the amenities they provide and so you have to find out about each facility and amenity the community has. Some gated communities provide luxurious amenities to their residents which might reflect in the property prices. Generally, if a community has more facilities, it is likely to be expensive.


Affordability is also one of the most significant factors when deciding on a gated community. Gated communities have different pricing for the properties because of location, infrastructure, amenities, property types and design, materials used, and others. Besides these, you will also want to find out if there are any hidden costs when you become a resident like estate taxes, management fees, homeowners association fees and the like. Look at all these details and if possible talk to a resident to get first-hand information. It’s better to know before locating into a gated community than to be taken by surprise.

Drawbacks And Restrictions

It is always a good idea to ask a lot of questions about the community you intend to live in so that you can make an informed decision. Check on how the gated community is governed, any noticeable drawbacks from living in that particular gated community and other matters.

Most gated communities have set rules and regulations. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the details. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you want to do something you’ve always wanted only to be told you cannot do them.

Gated communities are a great place to live and raise your family. They come with lots of facilities and amenities that non-gated communities don’t offer. It is important to choose the right gated community that provide excellent security, exceptional amenities and above a great location. If you have particular needs, be sure to tick all the boxes.