5 Types Of Real Estate Homes You Should Know

types of real estate homes

5 Types Of Real Estate Homes You Should Know

Deciding what type of home you want to buy is one of the first choices you’re going to make when you decide to buy a home. Do you want to live in a house, townhouse or an apartment? This is inevitably one of the early choices you have to make as a first-time home buyer and you have to personally make a choice that works best for you.

When searching for a property, you will often come across different property types being houses, apartments, townhouses, villas, land and other types which can be somewhat confusing if you don’t know what these property types mean. Let’s dive into these 5 different property types and their distinguishing features.


Houses are probably the most common. Best put, houses are building that are standing freely on their own block of land. Houses can be detached or semi-detached.

Detached houses are stand-alone houses which mean there are no walls, structure or other houses attached to them. It is simply homes that have no neighbours sharing walls. The house is completely freestanding and almost always the most expensive of the property types.

We also have some semi-detached houses that are attached to each other or a house whose one side is attached to another house. This means they share common walls and therefore you have to work with your neighbour if you want to do anything on the common wall, but they have their own house and block of land.


These are different from houses in that, apartments are buildings that have lots of different units within them. They generally have common internal and external areas.

We also have the condo type apartments. These are also buildings that have lots of units within them but owned by separate owners and each unit owner also owns shares in common elements of the building. So basically, we can say a condo is an apartment you own. Here it must be noted that you technically don’t own the roof or the building’s exterior. You basically own the spaces in between the walls you purchased.

A prime example of a condo apartment is the 2 bedroom legacy court by Devtraco Limited. This is a 375-unit partially furnished condo apartment within the larger Devtraco Courts


Townhouses are houses that are built in a row and attached to other houses from both sides. This means properties whether detached or semi-detached, but these properties are in a common block of land or complex so you share that block of land with other people as well. You can think of townhouses as a mixture of houses and units and are normally bigger properties. They are kind of in the middle of a regular home and a condo and are a perfect fit for modern families who like to live in great comfort and security. Oftentimes with townhouses, the exterior features are designed and set by the developer or body corporate in terms of colouring and things like that. Acasia townhomes, designed by Devtracoplus is a classic example of a modern-day townhome that invites the consideration of individuals and families seeking a classy living.


Just like townhouses, villas are also attached to other properties and also tend to be in complexes as well. The difference is that villas are quite small. Whereas a villa is always going to be a single-level property, townhouses on the other hand tend to be two storeys. The two are similar to each other.


A bungalow is a one-storey house, cabin, or cottage. It can also have a partial storey that is built into a sloped roof and has a front porch. The term according to Antique Home Style is derived from an Indian word “Bangla” which was a small thatched hut for travellers. The English then adapted the style to their needs by designing them to include verandas and open floor plans to enhance cross-ventilation. Devtraco’s Sunset Court is a classic bungalow style house. This development is a cluster of three-bedroom house bungalows nestled within the larger Devtraco courts gated community.

When it comes to the time of purchase, the ultimate decision boils down to you and your preference. If you prefer greater privacy and freedom, like to have your own place and space to do whatever you want, and you like the idea of controlling everything, then a detached house is probably going to be your go-to type.

If you also like the idea of a closed community, the conveniences that come with apartment-style living but want to own and don’t mind the privacy of your own yard, a condo may be great for you. And if you’re somewhere in between where you don’t mind sharing expenses but would like to have a small yard, a townhouse is for you. Either way, it is completely up to you to make that decision.

Some people also prefer to purchase land and develop themselves. When it comes to purchasing land to develop, there is the option of buying land which has little or no key utilities available or you can opt-in for serviced plots. Serviced plot is a piece of land that is basically available and ready to be built on. It usually has all the infrastructure, services, and connections readily available for one to start developing. Infrastructure and connections may include water, electricity, access to sewage, gas, high-speed telephone access, highway and others. So they basically have these key utilities for you to tap in. If we take a look at the serviced plots offered by Devtraco Limited, it is located within the Devtraco Courts community which offers ready access to all the amenities and utilities the community has to offer.