How To Purchase A Property From Devtraco

Home buying process

How To Purchase A Property From Devtraco

Devtraco Limited has been in existence for the past 28 years and it is one of the leading real estate developers serving the middle-income earners in Ghana. Buying a Devtraco home is a very simple and straightforward process and this article will take you through the procedure of purchasing a property with Devtraco Limited.

1. Browse our selection of properties

The first step is to go through our list of available properties on our website and select a property type that is most suitable to serve your interest and that of your family. Then proceed to fill out the form on that property page or call our marketing hotline (+233243400300). Our properties include the rebranded legacy court which is a 2-bedroom apartment, 3-bedroom detached and semi-detached houses, 4-bedroom luxury homes, and serviced plots. The properties are part of our current project, the Devtraco Courts development at Tema Community 25, Ghana.

Schedule a site with our sales executives

Our site visits are on each working day, that is, Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Devtraco doesn’t charge any fee for scheduling a site visit.

2. Complete Application Form

When your mind is made up and a decision is finally made on the type of property you want, the first form that has to be completed is the application form. This entails your personal information, the contact details of your next of kin, your source of income (place of work) and your representative’s information. All information provided to Devtraco is strictly confidential.

3. Receive an offer letter from Devtraco

After full completion of the Application Form, Devtraco proceeds to issue you an Offer Letter, which indicates your payment plan. You proceed to accept the offer letter by signing.

4. Proceed to make payment

There are 2 ways by which you can finance a Devtraco Home. This includes:

Means of payment include: Bank transfer, Cheque Deposit, Cash Deposit. Kindly contact your sales executive for appropriate bank details before payment.

Receipts are issued out once your payment is confirmed by our Finance team

5. You complete all relevant sales documents forms

These forms include:

  • The Sales Agreement
  • Standard Features Form
  • Basic Relevant Information Form

You then provide a valid National Identity Card. This includes your passport, driver’s license or any other national ID card. This is then used in the process of acquiring utility for your property.

6. Property Allocation

Final allocation of house or serviced plot is done only upon receipt of your required initial deposit as stated in your offer letter. This is officially communicated to you through email.

This is a simple sales process. Purchasing a home should never stress you out and here at Devtraco Limited, we have made the purchasing process very smooth, easy and transparent. Visit Devtraco for a quick and easy property buying experience.